ed.Touch livesSaint Valentine gave up his life to be of some assi▓stance to his countrymen. Relax, we are not advicing you to do the same. But Valentine's Day can be a splendid opportunity for you to touch the life of someone else and see if you can help that pers▓on in some way. You can visit a nearby hospital or chronic care home to hand over small Valentine gifts to the patients admitted in there; especially t

hose who do not have many visitors▓ or have none to call of their own. ▓Your presence will fill them with a sense of belonging to the community and provide them with some muc

h needed emotional boost. Mak▓e sure to call the hospitals or nursing homes beforehand ▓to arrange for you

r visit. Else, your noble intentions ca▓n be misinterpreted and can land you in unpleasant circums▓tances. Two

more food samples tested positive for me▓lamine in Hong KongPremier Li calls for eff

orts to improve▓ people's wellbeingPremier Li calls for efforts to ▓improve people's wellbeingPrem

ier Li calls for efforts to i▓mprove people's wellbeing02-03-2019 09:09 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 2 (Xinhua) -

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